To better understand what an asset like the Simba Storage Token is all about, you’ll first need to get to know the whole Simba ecosystem in general. Simba is a company based in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and the United Arab Emirates, whose primary service is the custodial storage of cryptocurrencies.


It’s the most straightforward to give my disclosure of this topic while introducing myself as author. So without any unnecessary digressions, I will simply inform you, dear reader, that my name is Anton Katin and I am the R&D and founder of Simba.Storage

Situation 2021

Today, you can watch the history of cryptocurrencies formation as an international means of payment and at the same time a profitable investment tool. Since the appearance of Bitcoin, a long way has been passed, the flagship cryptocurrency has grown in price multiplying every year, and despite the…


Simba.Storage offers innovative services on safe and highly secure storage of your funds combining advantages of both cold and hot wallets.

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